Travel Tips

 Exchange Money

Online - Exchange rate + location finder - get the best rates, nearest your location

Mobile Phone

SIM cards are available in many phone stores - a well known brand is Lyca - look for their logo outside small shops.

If you use Skype or Google video calls, via WiFi, calls are free.  Free Wifi hotspots are extensive in Paris - even in some public parks!!  Look for this logo.

Paris Dining - on a budget

Les Petites Tables - online reviews - authentic, fresh cuisine - under 10€

  • Many are located in 9th arrondissement, nearby the school
Lunch - Dejeuner - Formule Express chez Picard
  • Picard offers, high quality, frozen foods including very well priced plates, from 2.00 to 5.00, including dessert - suitable for micro wave
  • Link to a map of nearby Picards

Drinking water

  • Paris is known for delicious drinking water from geo-thermal sources, outside of the city.  Buy bottled water, if you prefer but tap water is perfectly safe + free.
  • There are several wells in small parks, where locals go + fill their bottles.
Flaneur - wandering

Canal St. Martin - waterside walks, cozy cafes + quirky local boutiques


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